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Immediate Discovery of Malicious Activities

  • Detection logic runs on the sensor and in the cloud
  • Continuous threat detection updates are sent to every sensor globally
  • No “baselining” required – immediately detects threats with zero wait

Ease of Use

  • Provides unparalleled network visibility into the context of the incident, with actionable instructions to stop the threat
  • Delivers automated notifications
  • Provides RESTful API to feed NTD data into other security tool sets
  • Incorporates cloud-based GUIs
  • Includes optional full packet capture capability for additional investigative support

Non-Intrusive Passive Sensor

  • Has no impact on network traffic or performance
  • Integrates easily with other components of existing security solutions
  • Works with other components of your security solution


  • Various sized sensors available to meet network and detection requirements
  • Cloud based, centrally managed platform, scales with the needs of the network
  • Aggregates data from multiple sensors rolled into one view

Easily Deployed, Maintained and Cost Effective

  • Simple plug and play deployment
  • Automated sensor performance and health metrics
  • Sensors able to pull detection logic updates at intervals as set by customer
  • Cost effective and priced well for small, medium and large businesses

The Cyber adAPT NTD Platform

  • Immediate tactical threat information
  • End-to-end network visibility
  • 7/24/365 automated monitoring
  • Complements any enterprise's security portfolio providing critical network visibility

Source : Orientations.ch & Onisep.fr